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EuroParliament has supported the Eurocommission offer to declare 2009 Year of creativity and innovations.
When greeting the participants of the Expertise the First Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchinov noted that the aspects that were placed in the centre of attention are closely related to strengthening competitiveness of Ukraine in the world, and pushing Ukraine to the frontiers of the general progress.



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About us

Innovations are the initial points, from where all successful stories begin in business, science, and power. Human intellect is the real perpetuum mobile, eternal power of progress in the most various spheres, from microbiology, air building, to political and social technologies. Ukraine in these terms is the real European miracle due to the amount of lightning scientific developments and technological ideas.

Our Center opens the new page of development for the Ukrainian innovative complex, which is based on offensive strategy of introduction of front-rank intellectual decisions innovations from the future. Our activity is based on such principles: openness, creativity, dynamic programs and intellectual decisions.

Our purpose to unite the people owning intellectual and financial capitals, to create the national innovative-oriented environment for dynamic development of business, government, science, education, culture and sports in Ukraine. Begin Your story of success with us!

Today, in the reality of global economic crisis, with special sharpness and actuality business representatives think over a question: What industry or project can generate permanent cashflow and remain profitable during maximal period of time? Generator of the future for Ukraine - High-tech City - coincides these descriptions, provides development of hi-tech and contiguous industries, chainlet of intellectual products and services, which will provide thousands of workplaces.

Presentation of "HI-TECH CITY" project

Details of "HI-TECH CITY" project


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